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Posted By: Bill D
10-Mar-00 - 01:56 PM
Thread Name: Guilty Pleasures
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
I do understand, Peg, that is hard to censor your creative juices when you have both a neat idea and a neat forum...but you oughta see the bluegrass forums..or the jazz forums. There are places where you "walk the line" or you are OUT!...This place ain't like that..Max is tolerant. Folk/trad/blues music is a pretty small piece of the whole musical spectrum these days, and if just 'anything' goes, the 'folk/blues' part would be quickly overwhelmed by chat about the latest singer/songwriter stuff and the pop/rock stuff. Having a forum where there is a general agreement to focus on the traditional music aspects gives some of us a tiny piece of real estate where we can explore that interest. Yes, some of the good folk who come here have VERY eclectic musical tastes and can chat knowlegeably about LOTS of musical forms...and it ain't easy to draw clear lines about where to stop. I simply hope that people will not create entire topics and threads which ignore the 'sign on the door'....

It's like going to a jazz club with your bluegrass band...tain't appreciated, even if some of the patrons also like bluegrass sometimes. I have long ago given up on keeping the place "pure"..*grin*...just trying to keep from being trampled.