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Posted By: Don Firth
08-Jan-07 - 02:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Fred Phelps & 'God hates fags' organisation
Subject: RE: BS: God hates fags
To those who are so all-fired sure they know what's in the mind of God :
It was touch and go. The patient was clinically dead. But the surgeon labored intensely, determined that he was not going to lose this patient. At last, the patient, gasped and his heart started beating again.

Many days later, when the patient was able to sit up in bed and talk, several people sat around his bed asking him questions. Yes, he had seen a bright light. Yes, he had gone through a tunnel toward that light. Yes, he had seen some of his dead friends and relatives who welcomed him. And yes, he had been told that he wasn't ready yet and had to go back. And no, death no longer held any fears for him.

Finally, the hospital chaplain asked, "Tell, me. Did you see God?"

"Yes," said the patient, "I did."

"Tell us," said that chaplain eagerly, "what is God like?"

"Well," said the patient, "first of all, She's black. . . ."
Don Firth