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06-Jan-07 - 04:30 AM
Thread Name: Are the sessions real in Ireland?
Subject: RE: Folklore: Are the sessions real in Ireland?
On the other hand, there was the case of 'the silent fiddler' who appeared at least three years running in the early days of the Willie Clancy Summer School. In those days, when the sessions were smaller, most publicans would put up rounds of drinks for the musicians.
This feller would walk into a session with his fiddle case, take out the fiddle, rosin the bow, and sit there all night without playing a note, but would be included in every round. This went on for two years running - everybody knew, but were too polite to mention it.
On the third year he turned up with a a different instrument and did the same, until somebody tapped him on the shoulder and said, "I see you've changed your instrument and are not playing the flute this year". We never saw him again - god loves a trier, as they say round here.
Jim Carroll
PS Visiting musicians are welcome here - as long as they remember that they are visitors and that the music goes on during the rest of the time they are not here. They need to fit in with what's happening rather than try to dominate the sessions - no matter how good they are. I get hacked off when I see sessions ruined by JCB driving chancers with 12 string Kalashnikovs and ******* bodhrans nausing up sessions because the locals are too polite to tell them to sling their hook - it happens on a regular basis.