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Posted By: Gulliver
04-Jan-07 - 02:33 PM
Thread Name: Are the sessions real in Ireland?
Subject: RE: Folklore: Are the sessions real in Ireland?
I really have no idea what an "Unreal? Made up.? Not quite authentic" or "fake" session is!
This attitude smacks of musical snobbism. A session (in Ireland--I'm Irish) is a session in my book, whether it's an "open"
session or not (yes, we have those too!), whether the musicians are paid or not.
Every session is different--there are singing sessions and tunes sessions, or half'n'half,
hectic sessions with practically no breaks and laid back chatty sessions.
It's up to the musicians to decide the kind of session they want, and in that sense every session is "real".      

Many session musicians make a living out of playing, and you can't blame them for trying to get some reward
for the effort they put into learning their trade,
and they'll keep the music going no matter what--in the olden days, before Ireland got so affluent,
they would have been found busking or playing at fairs, etc., and they kept the traditional music going through the hard times.

Although certain Mudcat purists may look down on the Temple Bar-type sessions, a lot of people,
Irish and visitors, still enjoy them, and there's nothing wrong with people enjoying themselves and singing along to a few come-all-yes!      

Carol, if you're coming through Dublin I can provide some info on singing sessions--just don't ask me whether they're real or fake :)