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Posted By: katlaughing
07-Mar-00 - 05:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Your own funeral
Subject: RE: BS: Your own funeral
The River Where She Sleeps by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar
I Walk in Beauty
Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life (has to be done on a quavery old organ!)
Songs of the Indian Flute by John Rainer, Jr. (the whole thing!)
Ou Sube a Terra...on pipes
The Drowning Plains
White Wings... on cello, whistle, and fiddle

as well as several Bill, I want plenty of time to go through all, but I am sure of the ones I've listed.

By the by, just a suggestion to any who wonder about how we will know of one another's passing, I have written a *goodbye, luvya* letter to you all, that my fmaily has been instructed to post when and if I ever go.**BG**

Like Amos, I will immediately be looking for a good family, so you young'uns, if I come knocking ya better keep up the good music, 'cause I don't want any tone deaf parents next time around!

Anyone know where I can get sheet music to the last three?