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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
19-Dec-06 - 06:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Soldiers Convicted of Crimes in NI
Subject: RE: BS: Soldiers Convicted of Crimes in NI
The MOD are witholding details

Surely that is not possible is it? If my small knowledge of how the legal system works is correct an active serviceman charged with a criminal offence is tried in both the civil and military courts. While the MOD can, and in some cases should, withold details of disciplinary hearings the civil courts can offer no such anonimilty. Unless there is very good reason, such as the age of the defendent or for serious security purposes, a judge will not apply reporting restrictions on cases that have been tried. There would therfore be common record of all such convictions. As we have already established there is no such record.

So is this, once again, media sensationalism? Pretty much like Britains yobs topping the league tables? I would usualy give my Irish collegues here credit for more intelligence than to believe the popular press but I am begining to have some reservations in the light of some recent threads.