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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
15-Dec-06 - 07:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Soldiers Convicted of Crimes in NI
Subject: RE: BS: Soldiers Convicted of Crimes in NI
There a lot of people in NI who apparently don't want to be ruled from Westminster. Far too many for it to be practical proposition to carry on as we are doing.

So you need to convince about three hundred and fifty English MP's to relinquish NI. Most of these people represent English people who don't like Ian Paisley. Most English people would like to see an end to this conflict - period.

What I don't see - and I can't see why not - is a concerted high profile cross party campaign by the various repblican parties to solve this by this simple democratic process. I think you would get lots and lots and lots of support from English people who dread with a change of government the oncoming symbiotic Tory/Unionist alliance bringing back the bad times.

When you have achieved separation, you can sort out the United Ireland thing between you. No business of ours.

Gerry Adams in his recollections of the Cheyne House talks admits that the English government of the time wanted to negotiate with him and his Sinn Fein colleagues, who were in captivity at the time. However he admits he was too young, perhaps immature and had too much fire in his belly at the time. They were just very young guys at the time.

Perhaps the troops wouldn't have been there if solutions using the democratic processes that were there had been pursued. I realise that there were unfair things built into the system. However they can't totally frustrate the will of the people, and I really do think people were so pissed off with seeing young soldiers being killed - even now, you would win the day if you got it before an English parliament - if you did the ground work. And there are enough Irish people in England to mount such a campaign.

Do you still see dealing with the English political system as a sort of cop out? Surely risking the situation deteriorating again, and risking landing another generation with this problem is a worse option.