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Posted By: ard mhacha
14-Dec-06 - 07:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Soldiers Convicted of Crimes in NI
Subject: RE: BS: Soldiers Convicted of Crimes in NI
I have experienced your British soldiers on the streets of my home town and they were far from being the "best disciplined" soldiers in the world, uniformed bullies would have been a better description.
I would have loved to have met one of these scum on their own, that never happened as you were confronted by a squad of well armed thugs, who looked upon the Irish as inferior beings, being told as much by their superiors didn`t help, for 30 years this numerically superior force were given the runaround by the IRA.

Lady Sylvia Hermon Unionist MP asked the question in the commons yesterday concerning the British Army`s convictions for crime,the Lady in Question would have not been a supporter of the IRA, when given the figures by armed forces minister Adam Ingram, the good Lady was "utterly astonished".
The good Lady would also be "utterly astonished" if she was ever given the number of murders carried out by the British Army when they colluded with Protestant para-militaries in the deaths of many innocent civilians, including the Dublin-Monaghan bombings in which 34 people were killed the highest figure in the troubles.

Best disciplined army in the world?, tell that to the occupied people of the rest of the world where the British held sway.