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Posted By: The Shambles
08-Dec-06 - 08:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Subject: RE: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Not really Roger, all that needs doing then is, all non music posts in the music section: DELETED, easy peasy lemon squeezy as they say!
No ifs ands or buts, they don't belong there so they go :o)
Nice idea don't you think?

Possibly - if you think that having fellow posters spending their time judging, deleting and inhibiting posting (rather that posting themselves and encouraging others to post) - is ONLY what our forum is now to be all about.

And if you really think it is that easy - when all the evidence shows otherwise.

Max does not seem to see this - which is why non-music posts are encouraged to be posted from anyone who wishes to post them. And why the BS prefix and the later separate BS section was introduced to keep happy those who did not like seeing even the titles of non-music posts.

Any sensible poster would see that as all posters are currently encouraged by our 'moderators' and Snitchers Corner -to complain about what other posters choose to contribute - any further (if well-intentioned) restrictions introduced on BS posting would only create more 'if and buts' and needless judgements for the usual suspects to complain about what was or was not a music post.

Our forum is special (and just about remains so) because such nit-picking pedantry about what was or was not on topic - was not encouraged.

Those who post (only insults) to say that 9 out of 10 sites they visit would not permit this or that - are simply demonstrating what remains special about our forum and why many of us remain loyal to our forum's (and Max's) original intentions and ideals.

If they they really like such places - they are welcome to go to them. They are not welcome (by me at least) to try and make our forum as ordinary as these other sites.

But this is crunch time for any poster who does see our forum as a special place and wishes it to remain so - as there seems to be a push to make it ordinary. Is this push for more limitation and restriction on posters, only from the noisy few posters that I think it is? If it is then perhaps it is time for other posters to be equally noisy (but perhaps more civil and logical and less personal about it)?

If posting is to be encouraged rather than inhibited for the future of our forum - any further restrictions - badly need to be placed on our 'moderators' (for their benefit also) rather that any more limitations being imposed (by our 'moderators') on posters.

For in response to any situation they only seem to evidence 'one-trick'. 'Silent deletion' is not a proportionate response to every situation.

And it is also foolish for our 'moderators' to pretend (or ignore) that there will always be a reaction from any poster who is subjected to such drastic action - especially when it is imposed to support one of the now far too many out of an increasing list of petty posting restrictions.

This reaction may take an active form - but far more than likely it will be one that will not be seen - such as posters being inhibited - giving up and just going elsewhere. Neither of these reactions being really very disirable.

What is being requested is that all imposed editing actions are recorded with editing comments to enable posters to know where their post has been subjected to any form of action. And for all editing comments are limited to where this has occured.

This will then enable all posters for the first time - to be able to make an informed opinion and judge whether these actions - undertaken in their name - are in fact proportionate.