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Posted By: The Shambles
08-Dec-06 - 07:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Subject: RE: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
That's because there aren't too many people who agree with our friend Shambles.

The worst effect of differences of opinion being made a contest between personalities - and of our forum being expected to support one individual or another - are the important aspects that, as a result of supporting one individual and villifying another- that posters find themselves compromised into supporting.

Even seemingly sensible posters, who in other aspects of their lives would challange double standards - hypocrisy - unfairness - secrecy, open displays of bullying - insulting and abusive behaviour - heavy-handed general and petty pendantry - the encouragement minding of everyone elses's business - needless anonymimity and the introduction of any silly restrictions on the right of people to express their views freely etc - are compromised into being seen to be in support of such things being practiced on our forum. And being practiced in their name and on their behalf...........

Seemingly in a desparate attempt to be seen to be seen on the right side (or the winning one with all the weapons) and whatever is said - never to be seen to be in any form of agreement with any view being expressed by another individual being identified (by the winning side) as being the wrong or (losing) side.   

Posters do not have to be seen to be in any form of agreement with me - to express general support for attempts to ensure that all posters can be seen to be given a fair shake and any 'moderators' can be seen to be protected from any accusation of personally motivated abuse of their position. Nor to accept (and comment on) that this is currently not the position on our forum and to post to suggest how it can be.

For that would appear to me to be a win - win situation. I suggest it would be for all posters who claim to support our forum and wish it to thrive and evolve naturally to reflect the views of all of its contributors.

Unless you really want our fine forum to be further limited, restricted and changed into the private members club that a few noisy posters already treat it as.

And if you do wish for this - then why not be honest about this and go and form such a club?

For it does not currently look as if Max is in agreement with the current Chief of the Mudcat Editing team's - for the record statement. And about what he sees as the state of our forum and the suggestions contained in this, to further change our forum to better suit his requirements.

If Max is intending to make such a change, in answer to this for the record proposal - he is taking a long time about doing so. And of even of informing our forum if this actually is his intention or not.

Supporters of this, for the record proposal are posting now to inform our forum that this IS a decision for Max to make. Perhaps rather than trying to force his hand publicly and creating the escalation of this division - it would have been better if they had just left Max to make (or not) what they accept is his decision?