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Posted By: Tyke
29-Nov-06 - 03:02 PM
Thread Name: Help: Who sang 'What's it all about Alfie?'
Subject: RE: Help: Who sang 'What's it all about Alfie?'
"WIKIPEDIA MAKES NO GUARANTEE OF VALIDITY" Sorry not me shouting it's a copy and past from Wikipedia. Which is you got your facts so it the same as the IMDB disclaimer that cannot be trusted totally. Ray Padgett was not tall enough to reach the box ticket office counter and there for would not have been allowed in to see this film when it was first released. I on the other hand sneaked in through the fire exit and locked it behind me.

I'm sure that Cilla Black will have covered this song. In an interview Cilla explained that when she started singing used to buy the copy of the American Charts. So that she could use that as a good source for her material. She went on to say that once she had recorded a particular song it was not unusual for her version to be the preferred version in both England and over the Pond. Such was the popularity of the Mersey Beat and Liverpool and Cilla. So we know who wrote the song allegedly and as the question was who recorded it (not who first recorded it).

The doubts I had about the voice of Cilla Black being used on the IMDB film clip/trailer I would say are correct. So have a listen it could well be Cher if this was the trailer used to launch the Film in the US of A. Just why are we doing Bees Wing's Daughters research which on the surface is more of a pub quiz, (do they do degrees on running a pub quiz?), is another Question? Certainly the answer to who wrote "The First Time I saw your Face" surprised me. No! That wasn't Cilla Black ether or ither! So the next question is Millicent Martin a Londoner? Question3 Who made a fortune out of a song written for and English Review around 1926 called "The Spaniard Wot Blighted my Life".