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21-Nov-06 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Breaking Up is Hard to Do_Redux
Subject: RE: Breaking up is hard to do

Joe Namath was on 60 Minutes last Sunday. Here was a guy that could have had any woman he wanted and was a player all his life. He married and had children, 2 girls. He, of all men, was content playing the role as Mr. Mom. Unbelievably, his wife dumped him for a plastic surgeon. Joe did not see it coming. You could hear the extreme pain in his voice and see it in the lines of his face when he said,

"Boy, life hurts a lot of times. Life hurts a lot of times," Namath says. "Whether you lose a puppy when you're 8 years old, a girlfriend when you're 15, go through a divorce with the family. You know, life hurts a lot of times."

Joe found himself alone like he never had been. He couldn't sleep, he told Simon. He had chest pains, trouble breathing. He was falling apart and he went back to his old comforter, the bottle.

"And do you think you were dealing with depression at the same time?" Simon asks.

"Absolutely. Absolutely. No doubt about it. Without recognizing it, without admitting to it, you know? It hits ya. And you keep it inside. It's consuming from the moment you lie down at night to the next day," Namath says.

Therefore, it can and does happen to anyone regardless of stature. Look at the ugly mess the McCartney's are going through.

The problem is you might have that person on your mind day and night, often every minute of the day to begin with. It can be tough at first, especially on waking each morning.

Here is what I suggest and some of the things are humorous but it works: Think of all the negative things about your ex lover then magnify those traits and annoying mannerisms. Also, picture would that person look like naked in 20 years with all the sagging, wrinkled body parts, etc. Did you really love that person well enough to change his Depends/diapers as you grew older together? The list goes on and on and on.

You are the only one that can keep yourself miserable in this case. You will probably never completely get over it but you will happily survive if you want to. Billions of humans have gone through this in life and many more will follow.

For any mild depression, you might consider taking 3 St. John's Wort supplements during the day (one tablet Am, 2 before bed because it can make you sleepy). It usually takes a week or so to start helping. Your own mind and a little help from your friends will eventually help you bear what has happened. Do Not rely on the "comforts" of alcohol!!

This is a beautiful wonderful life. Do not waste it on something that happened yesterday. Yesterday is dead and gone. Learn from it but do not linger on past hurt. You are alive and have many good life experiences to look forward to.

Music connection:

Make every day a Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day

My, Oh My, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine headin' my way…