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Posted By: Bob the Postman
12-Nov-06 - 06:13 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: significance of huckleberries
Subject: RE: Folklore: significance of huckleberries
Huckleberries are the ideal loafer's food--wild, plentiful, delicious, nutritious, and easy to pick. In huckleberry season (late summer to early fall, where I am) a person could live outdoors and subsist on them exclusively. Around here, bears fatten for hibernation by gorging on huckleberries.
By contrast, wild strawberries, though yummy, are tiny, rare, and so close to the ground that they are hard to pick. Wild apples are usually sour. Blackberries and their relatives are hard to pick because of the thorns. Wild nuts are difficult to shell and don't taste sweet. Cambium (inner bark) is hard to get at and nobody knows about it anyway. Mushrooms don't taste like much and many are poisonous.
Huckleberry Finn is a very huckleberry kind of guy.