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Posted By: GUEST
10-Nov-06 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Subject: RE: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
"It would ensure that any poster would KNOW if their contribution had been subjected to imposed edition action. Is this really too much for posters to expect?"

No one other then you cares Shambles. On all other boards the editors can edit what they want when they want and without notifying anyone. Most of us have accepted this as the proper way to do things. Just because you have a bug up your butt about this doesn't mean that anyone should have extra work to do.

If you really care, and since you obviosly have the time, you can keep monitoring threads and start a thread of edited posts letting everyone know who was edited. Yes that does sound stupid. But its no more stupid then asking for the rules that 99.9% of Mudcat approves of to be changed just to satisfy Shambles.

Again, if you don't like it here leave and start your own site. Or just send a PM to Max. But perhaps you've already done that and he has already told you that he doesn't agree.


"Shambles: I just don't care anymore. You press your point, time after time, until you press too far and then complain about the check. You do this purposefully to prove a point, but in the end, you are a distraction from the real point of this site. You too, should bid farewell."

According to Max "Trust me, this matter will be dealt with in time. Trust me, we working as hard as we can to make this happen as soon as we can." That's about you leaving.