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Posted By: The Shambles
10-Nov-06 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Subject: RE: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
There were hundreds of spam posts, and it took a large team of volunteers working collaboratively more than an hour to restore the Mudcat. Asking the entire team to instead spend 4 or 5 hours on this otherwise routine task is an unreasonable expectation on the labor of volunteers who have other things to do in their lives besides documenting their every action for the benefit of one single complainer.

Very possibly - but I did say this issue was a red herring. And the last post from an anonymous clone - did say 'dozens' not 'hundreds'. Which was it? Or will we be told next it was thousands of posts?

For the very imposed few, non-spam related closures and editing actions that are the real concern - the time it would take to always supply an editing comment of explanation - would not add to to the time demands - even of our current crop of anonymous 'moderators'.

It would ensure that any poster would KNOW if their contribution had been subjected to imposed edition action. Is this really too much for posters to expect?