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Posted By: The Shambles
10-Nov-06 - 01:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Subject: RE: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
As one of the anonymous clones who helped clean up from the attack, I need to let you know that there were dozens of garbage-posts that needed to be deleted, It took 10 to 20 seconds to delete each one without adding in a comment. Spending an extra 30 or 45 seconds to add in a comment is an onerous task we volunteers are unwilling to deal with in these situations.

Maybe so. If I waste my time answering anonymous complainers who have no life themselves, there may be serious doubt whether I have a life. Remind me not to give you the courtesy of an answer again.
-Joe Offer-

I did say this was a red herring - as the concern is still the baby not the bath-water and to ensure that all other editing actions can always be recorded in editing comments - which is not addressed. But I will answer this (tired-out) 'anonymous complainer' on the point raised.

If there were say as many as 4 dozen of these posts and they all needed to be urgently deleted - that would mean (20+ an extra 45 seconds) 65 seconds max, for each one. That would only be a total of well under an hour's effort to be divided up between whatever number of unknown 'moderators' were involved.

Not really too much time out of one's life to be seen to do a job properly - is it?

And if 'you' current crop of anonymous volunteers are unwilling to do the job properly - the fact is that, I am quite sure there are many new ones who would be. Perhaps you should step down and let them? They may even be prepared to be known and be seen to stand by their actions?