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Posted By: Wolfgang
10-Nov-06 - 10:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Subject: RE: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Well what are these suggestions? (Shambles)

Well, I knew you wouldn't be contented with my response to your question, you never are. You only ask a new question.

Why should I make suggestions to change a state of affairs I generally approve of though not in each single case?
(1) I approve of deletion of threads that do not meet criteria (if I was in charge I would delete even more).
(2) I approve that this is done in most cases silently and without giving reasons.
(3) I don't mind not to know the identity of the person taking the action.

But what would I do if I would not approve of the present level of deletions? Well, I would mail Max and tell him and ask him either to rein the clones a bit better or to replace them with better clones. I'd even mail a second time if he'd answer he is contented with their actions If I really felt I had a good point. If then I did not get a response at all or a response that I was not contented with I'd shut up.

So the best suggestion to change the way this forum is run (assuming I would dislike the present state of affairs) is to ask the boss for a change, once or even twice, and then to shut up.

The other pettiness you bring up the second time is still below my threshold for responding.