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Posted By: catspaw49
10-Nov-06 - 08:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Subject: RE: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
I personally don't give a damn Sham.......and neither should you. You keep rehashing this same stuff over and over. Nobody but you much cares! You keep restating that the place is for fun.....Then have some and forget about the other stuff. It's a website. Its very much a community too, but it's a website. There are no guarantees of free speech or personal rights. What Max says is what goes.

Got a problem? Then take it up with Max thru the PM's you constantly have praised. You've already stated the smae things at least 50 times each......Nothing new has been said since Hector was a pup and Hector has been dead now for a long I recall he died from you kicking him. And remember, abuse of animals is directly related to domestic violence.