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Posted By: catspaw49
10-Nov-06 - 06:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
Subject: RE: BS: Closed threads & deleted posts.
"Perhaps you could offer some suggestions as to how to prevent entire threads on our forum from continuing to be 'silently deleted' by persons and reasons unknown - when they do not meet the required criteria?"

When are you going to wake up to the FACT that you have absolutely NO CONTROL over this? If something is deleted that is then overturned, Max, Jeff, or Joe handle the situation with the elf involved. If they feel the clone isn't doing the job that Max expects, THEY will handle it. You don't have a damn thing to say about it. There are a number of threads and posts that have been deleted over the years that don't match Joe's criteria but Joe and the Clones are still on the job and to the best of my knowledge, NONE have been fired. Even if they have, that's none of your business or mine. It's Max's call. Remember too that Max and company reserve the right to do whatever.

And don't throw out that aged Max line about the rules because it is obviously NOT the situation anymore.

You're completely off the deep end Shamby. Are you really like this in 3D?'re a friggin' nutcase if you are! Actually, those poor souls around you are probably going bats just trying to deal with you.......LOL.....Have a great day and watch for the "White Coats."