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Posted By: MK
01-Mar-00 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Martin M-38 - Thoughts, Impressions
Subject: RE: Martin M-38 - Thoughts, Impressions
Dan, Owlcat, Whistle Stop: I appreciate very much your responses......The instrument I was considering is pictured here (8 down from the top).

The store wants 2100.00 CDN + taxes. ....but I no longer have a good feeling about this instrument since the store has not responded to my emails or phone calls inquiring for more info (perhaps because I offered to trade them a OOO-28EC which I have had nothing but problems with --but is worth more than the M-38.)

Also the fact that it's had it's bridge shaved (which to me implies the owner tried to put off an impending neck reset) which I would end up having to pay for sooner rather than later..and even further down the road, having to replace the bridge. And the water stains inside bug me too.

I thank you all again for your advice. I go with my guts on guitar purchases and my gut is telling me that this particular one, is NOT the one for me, so unless the store calls me today and insists that this is something I just have to see, I think I'm going to pass.

Maybe another one, at another time.