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Posted By: GUEST,r.kaul
30-Oct-06 - 06:39 PM
Thread Name: Modes vs Scales
Subject: RE: Modes vs Scales
Their are many different ways to look at modes. modal music, a mode of a certain scale, and also chord/Scale theory. The altered scale is the seventh mode of the melodic minor scale. Here we look at a certain scale and think starting on the seventh tone of the melodic minor gives us an altered scale. Just like the fifth mode of the major scale is the Mixolydian mode. You can also refer to Old mid-evil music as modal, because even though harmony exsisted, it wasn't grouped into modern day progressions, this happened in the Brouque era. Chord prgressions for the most part have not changed all that much since then, the biggest change is Blues tonality, where the tonic is actually a Dominant or flat seventh chord. Their is also, Atonal, and bi-tonal music, which first appeared in 20th century classical music, however thats a whole different conversation. Modal music been included in Jazz, Funk, and some Rock songs. For example, "Kind of Blue" by miles Davis, or "Oye comma Va", by Santana. Both are great examples of the dorian mode. However if you listen to Kind of Blue, you'll notice he'll play notes outside the dorian scale which are known as "outside" notes, but the song is still considered modal. However people also talk about modes in Chord/Scale theory for example. Dm-G7-Cmaj chord progression or a ii-V-I you could say that the Dm would take the D dorian scale, and the G7 woul take the G mixolydian scale, (or for the adverterous, G Altered scale), and the Cmaj would take a C Ionian, or Major scale. You'll also notice that these scales are just C major scale starting at different points(except the G Altered), but here is an example which doesn't quite work like that. take the chord progression D7-G7-C7-F7-and resolving to BMaj or Bmaj7. over the D7, D Mixolydian, over the G7, G mixolydian, over the C7, C mixolydian, over the F7, F mixolydian/F Altered, and over the Bmaj7, B major, or Ionian. notice that these scales cant be confined as a starting point of a different Major scale like the previous example.