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Posted By: Liam's Brother
29-Feb-00 - 11:48 PM
Thread Name: Martin M-38 - Thoughts, Impressions
Subject: RE: Martin M-38 - Thoughts, Impressions
I have an M-36 which, you may know, is very similar. I have also played a few M-38s. The main difference is a 2-piece back (M-38) vs. 3-piece back (M-36) and extra trim on the M-38.

The guitar size is very comfortable for me. I prefer the body to a dreadnought body (which I also have). It also seems to be an excellent compromise for finger picking, strumming and flatpicking. The M-38 is particularly handsome, I think, though the color of the top could put off a purist.

Mine sounds fine with both light and medium gauge strings. The one you're going to play is 20 years old so it's had plenty of opportunity to mature. What you hear is what you're going to get, pretty much, for the next couple of decades.

The guitar you're going to look at most likely does not have an adjustable truss rod. 1986 is the year when the adjustable rod became standard, as I recall. Just take a look. Martin made approximately 2,000 M-38's; they have been discontinued and the size is now called 0000.

If it's in very nice condition, I think $1800 is a very good buyer's price; $1600 for an M-36. Good luck and let me know how it works out.

All the best,