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Posted By: Tootler
29-Oct-06 - 06:42 PM
Thread Name: Modes vs Scales
Subject: RE: Modes vs Scales
To Jack Campin;

I put the link to the index page so that people could browse and explore for themselves rather than direct to a specific page as the information is quite scattered with links within each page to other topics.

In any case, the modal system of chant-centred early music is not adequate for describing folk music, and never was. Gapped scales (which do not occur in chant) need special consideration.

I see the point you are trying to make, but I am not sure I entirely agree.

The underlying principles of the modal system are the same both for Art music up to the renaissance and folk music. In fact the application of modal rules to folk music is probably simpler as there is no issue of musica ficta.

I agree that gapped scales need extra consideration as they lead to ambiguity.