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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
28-Oct-06 - 11:25 PM
Thread Name: Modes vs Scales
Subject: RE: Modes vs Scales
"To put it simply, conventional whistles start (all holes stopped) with the first note of the major scale. ... Most tunes dip down to a note three below the first note of the major scale (eg to G below C, if played on a C whistle). Therefore they have to be played with normal fingering mostly in the upper register, dipping down only three notes into the lower."

Actually, many of the tunes in G that fit on a C whistle (add a tone to each note and then think 'D whistle'!!!) drop down to notes below the C at the bottom of the top octave, easily to the G in the middle of the lower octave. I have always recognised these tunes as being in the "plagal" version of the modal system... :-)

"Because I got fed up with constantly half-stopping that hole on a penny whistle"

I have seen some 'Irish whistlers' drill an appropriately positioned thumb hole on the back to allow 'single hole' access to that note.