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Posted By: GUEST, Arthur the Ferret
26-Oct-06 - 10:19 PM
Thread Name: Modes vs Scales
Subject: RE: Modes vs Scales
Ignoring non-western scales for a bit, using only the white notes of a keyboard (& as someone said above, transpose to other keys by maintaining the appropriate tone/semitone pattern from the desired starting note) C - C is the Ionian, D - D is the Dorian, E - E the Phrygian, F - F the Lydian, G - G the Mixolydian, A - A the Aeolian, and B - B the Locrian. The Ionian is what we call 'major', Dorian and Aeolian are 'minor' sounding, though the Aeolian more so for its flattened sixth. Many a beautiful Irish air is written in those. Mixolydian is just Ionian with a flattened seventh and very common in Scottish music due to the highland pipes being brought by aliens in the middle ages from the planet Mixolydia, where in fact a sharpened seventh is considered to be somewhat less than gentlemanly and punishable by a gruesome end. The Phrygian mode sounds a bit Spanish, and requires more than just a bit of common sense to harmonise. The Lydian is.. er.. foreign sounding but not unpleasant in the right hands, and the Locrian mode is bugger all use for anything unless you're an obsessive jazz player trying to impress other jazz players, or you're just trying to get thrown off a bus. If you play the notes of any mode in ascending and/or descending order, then you are playing a scale.