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Posted By: Stewart
26-Oct-06 - 12:12 PM
Thread Name: Modes vs Scales
Subject: RE: Modes vs Scales
Well said Chris. Different modes or scales evoke different moods. This is an old idea that goes back to the ancient Greeks and probably before that. The Greeks used music for healing of the body and to influence the spiritual state or soul. Certain melodies were associated with the four humors (corresponding to the four elements: Phlegm or Phlegmatic (water), Bile or Choleric (fire), Blood or Sanguine (air), and Black Bile or Melancholic (earth)), and were used to affect the soul and the body. Music was thought to amplify or weaken the humors. Eight modes or musical scales were used. More about this in my article linked in my earlier post.

So play around with these different scales and see what moods they evoke.

Cheers, S. in Seattle