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Posted By: Wolfgang
26-Oct-06 - 10:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Unpopular views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Unpopular views of the Bush Administration
It is no secret that Bush would not have been (re)elected in Germany, but might have collected close to 10% of the votes.

Now, in Schroeder's autobiography one can read how our Chancellor thought about Bush:

click for English translation of a SPIEGEL article with some quotes

I don't know exactly when in the year 2002 the change in justification for a war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq took place -- when, in other words, the fight against international terrorism slid into the background and the possible existence of weapons of mass destruction was thrust into the foreground. But the change made me increasingly distrustful...

In my opinion, the demonizing of George W. Bush tends to divert attention from the need to critically examine a political alliance in the United States that I consider problematic for the world and America: the alliance between neoconservative intellectuals and Christian fundamentalists, which had and still has a great deal of influence over the policies of the United States and its president.