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Posted By: Old Guy
21-Oct-06 - 10:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Spying, Secrecy, and Presidential Power
Subject: RE: BS: Spying, Secrecy, and Presidential Power
FDR had the balls and conviction to spy on people he thought were enemys in violation of the constitution.

If you would watch that program you would see all of the accusations of him knowing about Pearl Harbor in advance. It almost eerie how it echoes what has recently happened. People marching with banners saying No War.

So don't bitch at me, bitch at the program. All I am saying is what is in that show, produced by The Discovery Channel and the New York Times. You can even see Bubba defending FDR's spying and lying.

I wish I could find a transcript but here is a blurb:

Watching the German forces rolling over Europe in 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt stood ready to do whatever he felt he must to protect the U.S.—even if it meant going against the Constitution and the will of the American people. In this program, biographers James MacGregor Burns and Jon Meacham, Roosevelt White House aide George Elsey, Walter Cronkite, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Andy Rooney examine FDR's tenuous political position as he incrementally moved his isolationist nation toward war. They deftly capture the temper of the times as they review the events and decisions that led to America's entry into World War II. A Discovery Channel Production. (45 minutes)