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Posted By: GUEST,punkfolkrocker
11-Oct-06 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: Agony Column Leeds 79/80 T. Bliss?
Subject: RE: Agony Column Leeds 79/80 T. Bliss?
errrrmm.. sadly..

..'over-indulgence' during my early 20's has mostly erased my memory
of my few years in Leeds and its amazing vibrant music scene way back then..

but just found this handy reminder

i mainly 'remember' gigs at a big pub behind the Uni

[27p for a pint of tetlys ? and being so skint i had to make a half last all night !..]

and a small bar in city centre somewhere..

was it called viva ???? something like that???

Gang of 4 were already big in the NME and playing large stage student union gigs..

mekons were still a 'local band' but rising in national prominence..

Au pairs.. were like an adopted leeds band [brummies ??]

Girls at our best had their LP reissued on CD..
but its now deleted and going for silly money on ebay

and the Ags should have gone on to at least release an album..

BTW.. the recent Delta 5 compilation of singles/b sides/ radio sessions
is superb..

not just for nostalgia.. the music is still alive and relevant..

.. and listening to that clip [many thanks]
from "love in the head" single

[for me.. for the first time in quarter of a century
since it got boxed up in my mums attic..]

ought to convince anyone who could make it happen
that there could surely be a similar demand for am indy lable prodution run
of an Agony Column rarities CD..

heres hoping..

lets see what else google can uncover..