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Posted By: HipflaskAndy
10-Oct-06 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: Agony Column Leeds 79/80 T. Bliss?
Subject: RE: Agony Column Leeds 79/80 T. Bliss?
I've just had a lovely nostalgia session - out to the garage and dug out the old vinyl from storage boxes...
Yep, there was the 'Love In The Head' single by Agony Column.
I've digitalised it onto my PC (B side too) then the only way I could think of to enable 'guestpunkfolkrocker'to hear it (and any other interested parties) was to temporarily hoist it onto my own band's website - I hope the blue clicky further down these ramblings works! - at the foot of my homepage is the menu - go to CDs and Samples page - I've stuck the wma file and a wee note at the foot of that page.

I saw the band many times but never with Tom in it, sadly - but their drummer John Rust played in the 'Way' with me for a while, whilst still in Ag Col!
Our most memorable night with the Column was at Leeds hotbed of music (at the time!) the Haddon Hall. The Ag Col needed a venue post-haste to be filmed by the BBC for a documentary 'Leeds on the B side'.
We gladly gave up our 'pre-booked' engagement to them so it could all happen on schedule - we turned out to do a support gig that night so that our own fans weren't too let down by the sudden change. As it happens, the producer liked us too - and we were filmed for the same docu a week later! Thanks to the Ag Col boys, eh?
I still have a video of that Beeb programme wi' us all on it!

I guess the Ags were (to these ears) very much influenced by the 'pop-rock' of the day...
folks like XTC and Joe Jackson and Elv Costello spring to mind now I listen in retrospect...
But the Ags songwriting and playing was always very clever and highly enjoyable in their own rite.
Anyhow, here's the link...
Cheers - Duncan