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Posted By: Greg B
05-Oct-06 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: 'Danny Boy' at Catholic funeral
Subject: RE: 'Danny Boy' at Catholic funeral
>We are one in the Spirit / we are one in the Lord (2x)
>And we pray that all (our?) unity / will one day be restored..."

I was a Catholic schoolboy in the heyday of that song, and believe
me, the notion placed in OUR heads was that the verse meant that we
hoped that the Protestants would eventually come to their senses and
come back to the 'fold.' We were so steeped in the 'One True Church'
rhetoric that our arrogance didn't brook the notion that Rome might
be the one to move. (Recall this was when we didn't sing 'Away in
A Manger' because it was ostensibly written by Martin Luther.)

I rather subscribe to the theory that, like so many other 'gee
kids we can us GUITARS at Mass!' songs, this one got swallowed up
by the St. Louis Jesuits revolution. There were a bunch of songs
that happened to. 'Of My Hands' by the Damiens. The early, up-beat,
'Peace Prayer of St. Francis.' The really campy 'It's a Brand
New Day.' Let's face it, some of these early attempts came off
as very contrived, or campy, or didn't scanprop erlyto
quite fit-the-me ter. Not only was the St. Louis stuff pretty
well-constructed by skilled musicians right out of the gate,
it was very well packaged and marketed. Musicians liked to play
it, people like to hear and sing it, and people with the
purse-trings liked to be able to get the materials.