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Posted By: Folkiedave
24-Sep-06 - 04:43 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Peter Kennedy (1922-2006)
Subject: RE: Obit: Peter Kennedy (10 June 2006)
Just one point from the myriad of contributions. I hate to disagree with Jim Carroll whose words on this thread have made much sense.

I have not in any way attacked Peter Kennedy; I merely suggested that now the (very real) threat of legal action has now been lifted it might be possible to discuss his contribution fully (this suggestion was made in the context of totally uncritical postings).

First of all I happen to think that discussing someoneīs contribution once any threat of legal action is passed is a bit of a cowardīs way of doing things. Personally if I have anything to say about someone I am not afraid to do so. If I canīt say it for threat of legal action, the chances are it is not worth saying.

After 40 years in and around the folk scene I have heard enough gossip. Rumours abound and as you correctly point out in the case of Ewan McColl, generally they are often plain wrong. This is not to deny your criticisms of Peter Kennedy for I understand them to be based on first-hand knowledge.

Secondly Fred McCormick says that Peterīs contribution has been mentioned in a less than complimentary way, many times, not least by himself. This brought forward no legal threat.

Thirdly I would suggest that any legal action taken by Peter Kennedy would have cost of lot of money for Peter to pursue with no guarantee of success. I doubt very much if he had any money to conduct a legal action.