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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
21-Sep-06 - 04:41 PM
Thread Name: Professional Folksinger, and Proud of It
Subject: RE: Professional Folksinger, and Proud of It
Patrick to work these places is a specialised job. the majority of folk musicians would just be another noise like the radio.

The demand for people who can do the job is simply enormous - your phone never stops ringing. If you send a friend who is a folk musician - usually they phone up to complain - don't send that idiot again. the work is hard physically - it involves forming some kind of a relationship with everybody in a long and often odd shaped room, and knowing how to set up a PA that allows you to literally dive around the room without it feeding back - the equipment you need runs in to well over a thousand pounds and wears our regularly.

Most people can't be arsed with them. And I from what you say - you seem to be another such who can't be bothered with them enough to find out the realities of the situation. there is no career path - it leads nowhere - except to the next residential home. the pay is small. You make a profit by working a lot.

Speak not of something which you know obviously nothing. Its bloody offensive. And if I may say so - so bloody typical of the arrogance which permeates the folk establishment.