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Posted By: greg stephens
20-Sep-06 - 06:17 AM
Thread Name: Professional Folksinger, and Proud of It
Subject: RE: Professional Folksinger, and Proud of It
I started the other "OK occupations for a folksinger" for obviously tongue-in-cheek reasons, because there are a few contributors to Mudcat who regard it as part of the definition of folk music that its performers are amateur. I really dont know how they recocile this belief with the fact that fiddlers who have worked conscientiously for the last 500 years in creating an incredible body of folk music, and always been paid for doing so, but there you go.
   Anyway, my position, als is that I am not a lumberjack, shepherd or cowhand: nether am I a social worker, librarian or accountant. If the Lord spares me till Oct 2, I will celbrate 45 years since my first professional gig as a guitarist. Apart from a miserable attempt(for three months) to do a proper job, back in the 60's, I have always been a folk musician. It's not something I am particularly proud of, neither am I ashamed. I took it up because I can't be bothered to get up before lunch, and this seemed the only viable career.