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Posted By: JamesHenry
19-Sep-06 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: Professional Folksinger, and Proud of It
Subject: RE: Professional Folksinger, and Proud of It
Hi English Jon, Irish Stu here.

It wasn't meant to sound patronising, so apologies to all if it did.
Guest #7 gave me the impression that he/she was finding it hard to make ends meet and was slightly resentful of the fact that some professionals were able to fit charity gigs into their busy schedule.
I actually interpreted his/her reply to number6 to be unwarrented and posed the offending question as in "needs must when the devil drives." Anyway, my interpretation may have been way off course.
And no, mr henry is neither an accountant nor a pluber, nor I should add a banana bender from Queensland.