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Posted By: Scrump
19-Sep-06 - 09:58 AM
Thread Name: Reflections/Criticism of Peter Kennedy
Subject: RE: Reflections/Criticism of Peter Kennedy
All this makes you think. I've appeared as a musician for morris on the Whitby video a number of times, the Sidmouth one at least once - all of which were commercial videos - should I really be looking to claim royalties from all of this? Should we charge an up front fee from anyone wishing to video our performances or take photographic images? Where do you start, where do you stop with all of this?

Interesting questions. My feeling is that if I appear in a video/DVD briefly, it will actually give me a bit of free publicity, and possibly kudos, depending on what it was. Then I'd probably be happy and wouldn't want any fees, although I guess if it was a huge seller (e.g. a DVD of a Hollywood blockbuster) I might think differently.

But if for example a whole concert I was in was filmed and sold, then I would obviously like a share of any profits.

Depending on the circumstances, I would think it could be counter-productive to always demand royalties for any appearance, regardless of other factors, but others may disagree (and probably will!)