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Posted By: Joe Offer
18-Sep-06 - 12:03 AM
Thread Name: 'Danny Boy' at Catholic funeral
Subject: RE: 'Danny Boy' at Catholic funeral
I like "Wherever You Go," too. It's a wonderful expression of fidelity. It's actually the words of (pagan) Ruth to her Jewish mother-in-law Naomi. After she was widowed, Ruth pledged to stand by and support her husband's mother:

I don't want to deny the bad Catholic church experiences people have expressed here. I've had my share of them, too; and I've spend a lot of time working to try to ensure that things are done in the Church with justice and compassion. Part of the reason why I lost my job as parish adult education director this summer was that I was smeared unfairly (and incorrectly) by a fundamentalist priest from another parish, who claimed I was teaching heresy. It hurt. I'm not quite sure what my function in the parish is now, but I no longer get a paycheck.

On the other hand, I work for four nuns at a center for impoverished women, and it's a wonderful place. Aroung the corner is the headquarters of a very effective and extensive food bank network, founded by a Catholic priest. On the other side of downtown Sacramento is a dining room and care center for the homeless, founded by a former priest and directed by a nun. All of these are well-run charities with roots in the Catholic Church, staffed by volunteers from many denominations.

So, while I've had bad experiences, most of what I've encountered is good - or else I've worked to make it good.