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Posted By: Desert Dancer
17-Sep-06 - 07:38 PM
Thread Name: Reflections/Criticism of Peter Kennedy
Subject: Reflections/Criticism of Peter Kennedy
A few days ago, Rod Stradling posted an interesting invition on the Musical Traditions site: Enthusiasms No 53 ("A collection of shorter pieces on subjects of interest, outrage or enthusiasm ..."): Peter Kennedy.

Here's his introduction to a list of 35 points:

"In Derek Schofield's article on Peter Kennedy in the current issue of EDS he wrote: 'There have already been calls for an open and critical debate on Peter's lifework'.

"Over the years a file of comments and information has built up in my office. I have now edited it into a series of positive and negative points about Mr Kennedy. I contacted Derek, saying that if I were to publish this in MT and ask for readers' additions and amendments, would he be interested in publishing the result in EDS? He replied that he might well be interested, adding that the Journal might be an even more appropriate place for it.

"Accordingly, what follows is a conflation of comments and information from myself and others regarding Peter's Kennedy's lifework. At it stands, it will seem biased towards the negative - primarily because the published material to date has been almost all positive, as befitted the 'obituary' type of writing which followed closely upon Peter's death. Readers with additions, amendments or corrections are asked to e-mail me with their contributions; I am particularly interested in concrete examples of traditional performers not being paid royalties, not being asked for permission to publish their music, not being informed of Folktrax publications (as in Negative 4, below). [My emphasis - BN]

"I will then subsume these contributions within the piece and submit it to Derek for possible publication by the EFDSS. If they decide not to do so, I will publish it here."

Rod Stradling - 14.9.06

On the Mudcat, Kennedy's name has arisen frequently, mostly in citations of song origins (which threads I did not probe in detail in my search here), but there are just a few comments on the man himself:

Obit: Peter Kennedy (10 June 2006)
Peter Kennedy's Folktrax collections (Oct. 2001)
Voice of the People: SPECIAL OFFER! (Nov. 2001-Jan. 2002)

I know there are some Mudcatters who can speak from personal knowledge (and not just opinion) on the topic. Get yourselves to MT. Meanwhile the usual mud can be slung here. ;-)

~ Becky in Tucson