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Posted By: Joe Offer
17-Sep-06 - 03:40 AM
Thread Name: 'Danny Boy' at Catholic funeral
Subject: RE: 'Danny Boy' at Catholic funeral
Well, if you want to look for the dark side of anything, you won't have to look hard. You may even find it in yourself. All of us have flaws - if that's what you're looking for, you're sure to find them. Yes, there are plenty of screwed-up priests, just like there are plenty of screwed-up people in every profession.
Plenty of good ones, too.
Yes, there's hypocrisy everywhere, too. Maybe it's best to ignore it, or to look to people who aren't hypocritical.
Greg, I'm sure your experiences are related accurately, but I think you're describing a relatively small portion of the picture. I'm sorry that it's the only part of the picture that you've experienced.
I suppose it's that old Weltanschauung thing coming up again. You can believe that most people in the world are good, and you'd be right. You can believe that most people in the world are bad - and you'd be right on that, too. The "good" perspective works better for me.