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Posted By: Genie
16-Sep-06 - 05:58 PM
Thread Name: worst rhyme ever
Subject: RE: worst rhyme ever
chazkratz, you just zeroed in on one of my pet peeves where rhymes are concerned: the resorting to bad grammar just to force the rhyme.

Neil Diamond's "brang" is a prime example, but almost forgiveable, because almost everyone knows it's wrong. But Paula Cole's hit song that starts
"Open up your morning light
And say a little prayer for I ..."
is actually even worse, to me, because it reinforces an all-too-common error.
And it STILL doesn't rhyme! LOL

Sometimes, even if your lyrics mostly have a rhyme pattern, it's better to throw in a non-rhyming couplet than force the rhyme in a contortionist way that butchers your language.

But "mirror" paired with "clear," "beer," "cheer," etc. is fine with me, as in Dan Fogelberg's "Only The Heart May Know":
"... Silent tears, yesterday's mirrors,
Where are the summers, oh, where are the years?"

And I still adore the inventive, comical not-quite-rhymes and groaningly forced rhymes of such composers as Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, E Y Harburg, Johnny Mercer, etc.
E.g., another from "If I Only Had A Brain" (Harburg/Arlen):

"But I should show my prowess, be a lion not a meowess ..."

"And perhaps I'd deserve you
and be even worthy erv you,
If I only had a brain. "