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Posted By: Barry Finn
06-Sep-06 - 12:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
Subject: RE: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
Clinton got a blowjob & the republicans spent much time & money on trying to impeach him, Bush started a war now we're near 3000 dead Americans.
Clinton got a blowjob & the republicans spent alot of time & money trying to impeach him for investing money that was fnd to be a legal business transaction.
Clinton got a blowjob & the republicans are blaming him for all the things that went sour after he left office & even the sour things that they had a hand in creating before he left office just to make their party look good.
Did the reactons of the Clinton people do damage to the American people or their name, did he drag our name through the mud & spend our well earned tax dollars to put us into the worst financial toilet ever. Did he take the UN & turn it into a world laughing stock only to beg it's aid later to hepl put an end t a war they wanted no part in & did they in turn say go it alone. Did Clinton let the energy monsters make policy so they could rape the American people & then tell the same people that they're shit out of luck & make them pay double by giving the tax breaks to those that already had sucked their blood dry. Did Clinton ignore the enviorment, put education behind so far the every kid was left behind, no he just got a blowjob. Did Bill triple the bill on healthly living, no Bush did.

Get a grip we weren't in a bad place before Bush started sleeping at the wheel. Today we're in an awful bad way. The world hate us, the American people even hate US. If China calls in it's makers we're in the poor house, not the poor house we're in now but the real one, you know the cardboard box, right under the Wall Street street sign, the one that's ontop of the world Bank's bank account. GET A GRIP, what were you thinking when you fell out of bed this morning. Did you wack your skull on a manhole cover?