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Posted By: GUEST,other old guy
05-Sep-06 - 06:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
Subject: RE: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
I read with unbelief Armitage described as "anti-Iraq war"   Read the letter to Clinton he signd in 1998 along with Rumsfeld, Wm Kristol, R. Perle, P. Wolfowitz and other neocons. He said "The only acceptable strategy is one that eliminates the possibility that Iraq will be able to use or threaten to use weapons of mass destruction. In the near term, this means a willingness to undertake military action as diplomacy is clearly failing. In the long term it means removing Saddam Hussein and his regime from power. That needs to become the aim of American foreign policy." Read his speeches leading up to the war. For example his speech on 1-21-03 at the US Institute of Peace. He is clearly arguing that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and that we almost certainly will need to wage war. To "old man" either your nose is growing or you have not taken any care in determining the truth of this absurd suggestion.