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Posted By: Barbary Allen
04-Sep-06 - 03:10 PM
Thread Name: Barbara Allen earliest version?
Subject: RE: Barbara Allen earliest version?
My name is Barbara Ellen. I am a scholar and a musician, and can tell you the meaning and the translation.
True True Irie. Times they have been a changing though.
I have not died this time around but am still single, a caveat hangs upon me head. I cannot see myself to the way of love perhaps a bit like Barbary....still. This time around more than a few men will die, who love me during me life. It is not my fault though.

You see it has not much to do with Barbara but with circumstance. A multitude of other circumstance are overlooked as she refuses his love. One, she will not admonish being with a man who comes off so reckless, dancing and tressling with the dames.

Barbary is the victim here, her pretty flowering gets thorned for all of eternity, that other thorn may have come from the women who spent themselves on William, maybe, but not her....

Men always die for varying reasons, history tells us that... and she was lucky not to be with William, what he had may have been contagious.

Perhaps he not served her liquor out of love for her, as liquor would do her not any good...

...and he sent a messenger b/c she would have taken ill from his infectious disease.

I can tell you the circumstance for Peter, Steve, Robert...Andrew, Michael, Victor, Rommie, Brian...but William? Nope. The last William I dated was Billy from 4th grade. So I guess I ought to supect nothing but impending doom in the future...actually, life has been sooo complicated, that I will make special note to be on the lookout for William, so I can be extra nice to him...I am heartbreaker from way back, but I think that I always get my heart broken defense.