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Posted By: Old Guy
29-Aug-06 - 11:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
Subject: RE: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
You know, I honestly believe Rove and Cheney sit back and cook up these things as bait for the Liberals to wear them selves out on.

I see them giving speeches and making comments that the only purpose I can see for them is as a troll.

When are Libs going to come up with something besides finger pointing and blaming the administration for everything. Everybody including the administration knows everything is not rosy.

All the hell they need to do is find something positive to campaign on and drop the negative stuff.

Can you see a car company selling cars buy saying the other cars are no good? Or "our cars are better" without being able to show how they are better?