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29-Aug-06 - 09:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
Subject: RE: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
I will wait and see what GWB does.

My narrow little world extends quite a bit beyond your your narrow little Washinton Post world.

For instance I was watching CSpan today and there was a radio station in NO broadcasting it's regular show. People were calling in about Katrina. One guy called in and started ripping GWB about people dying because of unsafe drugs, etc. etc. the whole Liberal 9 yards.

The host cut him off and said, as near as I can recall, "I was in Vietnam and we did not have time to discuss partisan politics or anything for that matter except getting through it. Down here in NO we are like that now. We don't discuss that stuff because we are too busy. We are trying to get through and we are grateful for everything we are getting." He also interviewed GWB Nagin Blanco and Landrieu.

It was very informative. Bobert opens up the WAPO and what ever leftist crap in there are his beliefs and tomorrow's talking points.

PS: After that, Lest you think CSpan is biased, there was something on there called Camp Democracy. It started with some guy saying "the republicans say we don't have a plan. We do have a plan and were are going to present that plan". Then this old reformed dude from the Black Panthers with dread locks hanging down to his ass, talking real slooow, explains how nobody had been charged with racisim. Then two dyke looking women, one from NOW, were ripping on Bush and demanding this and demanding that. Where's the plan? The plan is to blame everything on Bush.

All they care about Katrina is that it gives them something to beat up on Bush about. Where is their support for the victims? what are they doing for them? Just using them for their political agenda. And if it were Gore, or Kerry as president, the disaster would still have happened and they would be the target of their hate.