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Posted By: Arne
29-Aug-06 - 08:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
Subject: RE: BS: Plamegate over Armitage done it
Old Guy:

Just because some folks said (falsely) that Dubya meant what he said and that he would fire anyone involved with the leaking doesn't mean that others might not have floated "trial balloons" for an 'out' in case anyone actually got caught. That wouldn't be the first time this maladministration has been caught talking out of both sides of their mouth.

But if, as one might assume from your quoting this piece here, you think that Dubya really meant it when he said he'd fire anyone involved, aren't you going to demand that he do what he said he was going to do?

So which is it, Old Guy? Is Dubya a liar or a sleazebucket ... or both?....