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Posted By: JohnInKansas
24-Aug-06 - 01:41 AM
Thread Name: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival
Subject: RE: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival
The saga continues:

No way to get the Air Conditioner clutch on my tow vehicle repaired (except by a total replacement of the system offered by one shop at ~$1,800, which I declined). I have applied three paper clips and a bungee cord to hold the errant pressure plate free of the serpentine pulley and if it holds I should be able to get there in peace and quiet. If it doesn't hold, it'll make a little noise, but with my old truck I might not notice.

The delay wasn't wasted, as the floor in the closet in our camp trailer collapsed sometime Monday morning, so I've been busily redesigning and resurrecting bits of broken wood - with most of the supports about 30 inches deep and the only access through a 3" wide slot where a drawer fell out. (Did anyone else ever try to drive screws at arms length with a 14" hemostat? Good grip, but scant torsional capacity.)

The scanty published information indicates that the campground is available as of midnight. As it's now 00:39 in the morning, and I haven't left home, with about an hours drive and a short grocery stop. I estimate approximately 40 "campers" will be there by the time I arrive. A couple of people from my regular group have indicated they intend to pull in by around 06:00 to 08:00.

If past years are a good indication, there should be around 180 to 200 "campers" there by about noon on Saturday. (Note the "" around "campers" as only about a half dozen of us will actually be camping there. The majority of the early arrivals just dump a vehicle and go home until lineup on 02 SEP. I need a little sleep, and a lot of practice before the festival gets fired up, so I'm ready for a little quite camp time.

Since there should be about 1,800 camp tickets sold by the time the Fest starts, the early arrivals are really just a drop in the bucket.

IF there are no "new rules" to screw things up, I'll be camped at Winfield by early this morning, and away from my computer until it's all over 17 SEP - and until I've recovered sufficiently to be at least "incoherent in my usual ways."