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Posted By: JohnInKansas
20-Aug-06 - 04:09 AM
Thread Name: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival
Subject: RE: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival
Gary T -

It's about time you let us know something. We've been wanderin' around worrying about "Gee, I wonder if..." for weeks.

I'm definitely "pumped," but once again the rules got changed:

I actually went to Winfield on Saturday (19 AUG) with the intention of catching the last couple of days of the "Kansas and Oklahoma Antique Steam and Gas Engine Association Meet," and then remaining as a "public camper" for the few days before WVA took over the grounds. I did that two years ago and had a great time (compared to what I expected, perhaps, but still great) at the Antique show.

Unfortunately some one (apparently one person) associated with the Antique Assn decided that a bit of extortion would be a fine idea. Since the Antiquers "leased the exclusive use of the fairgrounds" for their show, they added on 4 days after the show closes and announced that it would cost $100 per night for anyone camping during those four days.

Needless to say, I drove back to Wichita and skipped seeing any old tractors. Since my tow vehicle blew an Air Conditioner Clutch on the way back, I guess I'll need the four days to get repairs anyhow. (I could get by without the AC in the van, but if the pulley falls off - as it will without the repair - I blow an engine.)

(It'll also give me a chance to look back at my photos from a couple of years ago. The only funny nose ... ... I remember was ... ...)

I do feel rather sorry for the half dozen people who usually come in at about this time from several hundred miles away. There are only a few decent alternate camping places within reasonable distance of Winfield, and they're pretty much filled with "end of season" recreational campers.

That sad tale being told, I should be at the WVA grounds sometime fairly early on Sept 24, barring additional happenings.