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Posted By: JohnInKansas
18-Aug-06 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival
Subject: RE: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival
OK then Al, that gives us a pretty good idea of where y'er at. That's just about where I found the two Armadillos rootin' around when the water was up a bit a couple of days before the lineup 3 yrs ago. (First ones I'd ever seen that weren't flat.)

Theoretically I calculate that I could claim to be "legal" if I got there tomorrow morning, but I'm still tryin' to get organized so it may be a couple of days before I get the wagon rollin'. My packing is pretty well organized, but I've run into an inordinate number of things that had to be "fixed" before they could be packed this year. I may have to go back to my old habit of starting the get-ready in March like I did when we tented, instead of waiting to June like I did this year.

Weather reports indicate a possibility of some slightly cooler conditions, but they're not goin' out on any skinny limbs about it. We're still in the upper 90s F (~35+ C for the Euros). I usually use the "sit time" to do all the overdue restringing and adjusting on my instruments, and I've got 2 mando bridges that need some rework and an old squeeze box that needs some pretty major key work; so it would be nice to be able to do it out under the awning without stickin' to the small parts.

Nearby areas have been having some pretty heavy but widely scattered rain, but none in either the Wichita area (where I am) or at Winfield (or upstream from Winfield).

Lin just took off for Texas for a family visit, so she'll be computerless probably until after I leave for the WVA parking lot. She probably won't join me there until Lineup time (02 SEP).