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Posted By: JohnInKansas
14-Aug-06 - 10:57 PM
Thread Name: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival
Subject: RE: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival

We've heard that rumor several times in the past - as far back as ten years ago at least.

The ol' guy Redford has complained about how much hassle it is, and has tried to recruit his family to take over things; but that doesn't seem to have worked out too well. The "Association" should be well able to run a festival by now, even (especially?) without him - (unless "Rick" quits working for the County); but there are some marketable names and trademarks and such that Redford could probably threaten them with - or demand outrageous license fees for - if they tried.

The main problem with the Association, or any one else local, taking over for Redford is the definite and obvious absence of anyone capable of making a decision and sticking to it.

Some of the local merchants admitted a year or two ago that the festival brings in "a third" or so of their gross each year (some said more), so it would be reasonable for the town to try to keep something going.

It was rumored a couple of years ago that one of the "back East" festivals wanted to buy the "International" championships rights, but didn't want the rest of the festival. At that time, Redford was holding out for a "sale" on an all-or-nothing basis, and was insisting that it all had to stay where it is. No particular indication heard about anyone wanting the regional or state contests, although those probably would be "sellable" on a piecemeal basis.

Most of the regular campers assert that it would take people 10 or 15 years to notice it if there wasn't a festival - - - they'd keep coming in every September until someone told them ... ... and then they'd have to talk about it...